Pros and Cons

Benefits and Limitations of Cheek Augmentation

There are different factors that constitute to a pretty face. Currently, there is an increase in awareness among many people that cheek augmentation is an effective way to take off that prostrate smile. On the other hand, it’s regrettable that cheek augmentation does not come naturally to everyone. The worst of all, aging can result in having your natural looks diminish the aspect of full cheeks to those who have them.

Nevertheless, every good thing has its limitations. Apart from restoring youthful looks, cheek augmentation has the following benefits.

  • Cheek augmentation is reversible. If you are not happy with the end-results of which not all will like the results, you can opt to have the procedure reversed and you will have your original cheeks.
  • The materials used for this procedure are different. Some are porous while others are non-permeable. It’s you to decide which one you like (but your decision should be after you consult the doctor).
  • You can combine other cosmetic surgery with cheek augmentation e.g. eyelid surgery
  • The procedure takes short term. The surgery takes less than an hour.
  • Both genders can get this surgery
  • Results are long-lasting
  • The incision made during the implant is barely invisible. Some cannot even be noticed because they are in areas where you cannot see like inside the mouth.
  • You encounter very low post-surgical effects


  • Cheek augmentation has a risk of developing complications after the surgery. At times the material used to may start to from place to place. And just like any other cosmetic surgery, there no guarantee that the implant will be at one point the rest of your life. The best way to avoid this imperil is to opt for a more advanced cosmetic surgery where polythene implants are implanted into the facial bones.
  • With this form of cosmetic surgery, you have a youthful face but, if you are expecting it to eliminate lines and wrinkles, you may be disappointed. Lines and wrinkles will diminish in the area around the nose and mouth.

Should you Consider Cheek Augmentation?

You and the doctor are in prime position to answer this question. You have your aesthetical goals you want to achieve, however, you won’t achieve them unless without your surgeon. Still, you have to consult the surgeon to know if the surgical materials available are suitable to achieve your goals. At this point, you have to go with your doctor’s recommendations.

Not all doctors will give you the desired results. A good practitioner is that who has been in the industry for enough and has specialized in cheek augmentation. Finally, cheek augmentation is for both genders, however, you have to be physically healthy and don’t smoke. Above all, as mentioned earlier, not all will achieve their aesthetic results. If it doesn’t work for you, consider other options like fillers.

Have you had cheek augmentation before? Was it successful? What hiccups did your encounter? Share your views and advice to those who are considering this cosmetic surgery. We are especially looking for Med Spa San Diego patients that are interested in doing a video interview to talk about their results.